We are OK

Many of you have emailed to ask if we are ok after you read about the suicide bombing at a popular supermarket here in Kabul.  Well, we are fine.  However, it does make us a little nervous to go to the grocery store.  There are three of these “Finest” supermarkets here in Kabul.  We just recently got one near us this summer.  It definitely makes our life easier.  It has some western items like barbecue sauce, cheese, yogurt, and cream cheese.  The one that was bombed was far away from us, and we had never been to that one.  However, several of our teammates had been to that one just the day before because it has some very hard to find items (chocolate chips).  We are glad that no one we knew was injured.  Please pray that this will not be a trend here.  So far most bombings are targeted at military.  Civilians are sometimes hurt, but they haven’t been targeted.   This is a concern that we will be monitoring.

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  1. I always go to facebook to see if anything has been posted lately. I am relieved when I see a posting that is dated after the incident. I know that you work hard at staying safe and I am confident God hears the prayers for your safety.
    Love you all,

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