Road Closed Day

Well in the states, there are snow days due to bad weather, ice or even in some places because it is too cold.  Here we don’t have snow days, we have random holidays due to road closures and other things.  Today is one of those random holidays for ISK , the school where Winter and David attend.  Today is opening day for Parliament and President Karzai will be in attendance.    Pray for President Karzai and Parliament that they can work together for the good of the people of Afghanistan.  Many kids who attend the school have a 30 minute to hour drive to school and getting to school today due to road blocks/closures might not be possible.     

Since my morning school is nearby, I went in to teach as usual.   Since this school only goes until noon on Wednesdays and they have PE today,  David decided to attend school even though he has a day off.   Winter and I walked home enjoying the sunshine and quiet streets.  Once we were in sight of our house, we did have to explain to the post there that we lived at the house with the brown gate.  We live near Parliament so they were limiting the people coming in and out.   Other then that, it is a quiet day to get caught up on things around the house. 

Thank you for all you who have been praying for my students and teaching.   I am feeling  more creative by doing more group work in my Algebra class and hands on activities in my Geometry class.  My geometry class has doubled in size from 5 to 10 and I am really enjoying the new mix of students.  My Algebra class can still get easily distracted but is doing much better than last semester.  I was  saddened to hear that one of my students would not be returning due to grades.   Even though this student was a little disruptive at times, he had been doing much better in my class and had even scored an 80 on his last test.   He always had a smile and greeting when he came into class each day. My Consumer Math class must be getting most of your prayers because they are working hard and asking questions instead of being apathetic and disruptive.   If I didn’t know better, I would think I had a new group of students. Last week they turned in a car buying project and enjoyed showing each other the car they would buy.   So thank you again for your prayers and please don’t stop.  

Blessings to you for our part of the world.  Teresa

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