An Unexpected Change of Plans

Last year at this time, we were wondering if we would be able to leave Liberia as planned or would we be there into the fall. Graciously, God allowed us later that month to begin our transition back to the states. This year has a whirl wind of connecting with family and friends, adjusting to new jobs, living in an RV, and being back in the states. It has been difficult at times but it also has been very good for us. We saw God open doors and provide for us in the big and little things. We are blessed.

This year, ironically, we are wondering if we will be able to leave Utah. We were hoping to be in Idaho the month of July. Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed our time here. It has been a month of exploring, eating lots of ice cream, and work. Now we are ready to be in Idaho as planned. Noel has meetings at MAF HQ. I am looking forward to time with friends, family, and a visit from David. Life in limbo (as many of you know) can be unsettling.

So why are we still here? Last Friday we went to start our truck, to head north, and it didn’t even turn over. After many calls to different mechanics, we finally found someone who could diagnose the truck that day. The truck needed a part that would come in this week. The part arrived but still the truck was not fixed. We were starting to feel stuck, praying for direction, and looking at our options. This morning, our brother in law sent a video that helped led to the real source of the problem. This problem needs another new part that will hopefully arrive on Monday. Right now, we are examining our options. Pray that we will know the right steps to take and that the truck will be fixed.

BUT GOD… is one of my favorite phrases in the Bible. These words are always a reminder that God is still in control no matter our circumstance. They point us to who God is. Even though this situation is frustrating, I am trying to rest in what God wants for us in these days here. I see his provision in many ways. Here are just a few….

  1. We were not stuck on the side of the road.
  2. We found a mechanic that would diagnose the truck that day and not three weeks out like the others.
  3. An RV spot opened up for us to stay here. This was a miracle considering it was 4th of July weekend. The park has been gracious with us staying longer especially since we don’t know how long. Our new spot even has better shade so I can work outside in the mornings before it gets hot.
  4. We can ride our bikes to get groceries.
  5. The fourth of July weekend gave us some much needed rest.

And just because, here are a few more pictures from June.

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