Spring 2021 Update

Last time, I wrote we were in Tucson, Arizona where we enjoyed our time meandering either on foot or bike through the cacti landscape right outside our RV. This week, we find ourselves in rainy Iowa enjoying time with Teresa’s mom.

At the end of March, we made our way across Interstate 10 towards Texas. We spent a week in New Mexico before driving two days to make an overnight stop in Arlington, TX. Besides getting to spend time with longtime friends, we were able to attend the early Easter service at our home church, Rush Creek. One of the blessings of our travels is getting to visit different churches, but it is always good to be in a familiar place. Every place we go God provides a place of worship for us. We have visited churches of friends and family but sometimes it is a church near our RV park. Though all the churches have been different, God always seems to have a word for us.

The first week in April was spent in rainy Arkansas in a lovely state park. Being a transition week, we mostly worked and didn’t do much sightseeing. We did try out a yummy BBQ place in Scott, AR. The rest of the month was spent in Tennessee at the Grand Ole RV park which is close to Noel’s parents. It was a month of time with family, birthday celebrations, and country music. Each night our park had a different group play for a couple of hours. We could either bring our chairs and listen on the lawn or open up our windows and the sound would flow through.

In his free time, Noel helped fix some RV’s in the park such as the toilet for our neighbors next to us and an electrical problem for the RV across from us. Teresa finished up the course she was taking on how to write a course. This year she will be rewriting the AP Calculus AB course for the online school that she is contracted with. She loved her littles the last few years, but has enjoyed getting back into the upper level math this year.

The first week in May, we spent in Indiana with Teresa’s sister and her family. The dogwoods were in full bloom at our campground. It was a rainy week so we were thankful that it cleared up enough on Friday for a cookout at our RV and time together walking around the campground. Then we made the two day trip to Iowa arriving just in time to take mom to lunch for Mother’s day. So far our month has been full of playing games, a trip to see the tulips, and watching the birds in mom’s yard. This week David has joined us. As always, he brings energy wherever he goes.

As I sit here writing this, I realize we have so much to be thankful for- family, work, and the opportunity to travel. This past month, we especially appreciated the support of our family in dealing with an issue that had arisen. I think I have said it before, but when we were overseas we couldn’t have done the work well there without their support. They always provided ( and still do) a safe place for us to land whether we are in transition or not. They helped out with Winter and David being stateside while we were over the ocean. They still are helping out with so many things. We are blessed.

Winter, Nathan, and David are doing well. David finished his third year at CBU. Just one year left. Winter and Nathan will be doing some traveling in the next month. Pray for them as they help with the teens at a conference for families that work overseas. Pray for safe travels and good connection with the teens. Also pray for Nathan’s parents as they head back to Central Asia after being in the states for a month.

Where to next? June will be in South Dakota and Utah. Then in July, we will be in Idaho. Let us know if you are in the area and we will try to meet up if we can.

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