Better No Gold…

As many of you were having too many snow days, we were wishing for at least some snow.  There is an Afghan proverb that  says, “Better no gold than no snow.”    The meaning is that snow on the mountains around Kabul is more valuable to agriculture and life than gold.  Last Friday and Saturday we finally got our snow.

We woke up Saturday to everything covered with snow.   With boots and other winter gear on, the kids and I headed out to catch our ride.  Since one driver was late due to the snow, 13 kids plus the driver and I  were piled into one van.  The driver did a great job of navigating the snow covered roads and getting students to both schools on time.  The view around Kabul is just gorgeous and the air is so clear.  You can not help but worship the creator who made these majestic snow-filled mountains as you look at them.   After school, we decide to let homework wait and with some friends and neighbors played in the snow.  The kids made a snow fort and snow man and also had a snow ball fight.   Our neighbor boy is also one of my students and he thought it was great fun that it was okay to throw snowballs at his teacher.

Sunday the snow had stopped and the sun was out. On Sunday mornings, my neighbor lady and I teach PE at one of the schools I teach at.  We decided to have a snow day before all the snow melted.  Luckily they all had snow gear on.  Here are the snow men they created for their competition.  Feel free to vote in the comments for your favorite.

Much of the snow has melted and the Kabul River is filling up.  The mountains thankfully continue to remain snow covered and majestic looking.   We are thankful for the snow God has given and hope to get more rain or snow before Spring officially comes.

Blessings from Kabul, Teresa

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