Camping in Hell’s Canyon

img_0405After a full week of training for Noel, we headed for Oregon to go camping.  We were all ready and packed to go when Noel came in from class.  It was a gorgeous drive through foothills, over dams and in view of snowcapped mountains.    Around 8:30, we settled on a camping spot just in time to get our tent up and enjoy a walk before it started getting dark.   The next morning after a breakfast of poptarts, we were off to  hopefully find a better map and do some hiking.  We didn’t really find a better map but we did get a suggestion and directions on a good hike. 

img_0424Our hike would take us to Blue Hole.  After an hour or so drive, we set off through forest enjoying the wild flowers and the coolness of the morning.    A river flowed siftly at our side for most of the hike.   One section of the hike had damage from a forest fire.  Another section had tons of bushes along the side of our trail that we think will be full of huckleberries later in the year.  At times the path was flooded so we went across 4 streams by David’s count by stepping from rock to rock or walking across a fallen log.   At the end of the trail, we carefully went along the ledge to see the Blue Hole.   Winter and David loved all the stream fording and climbing the hike entailed.   After enjoying the view for a while, we had a snack and headed back to our car. 

The rest of our day was mostly driving with a stop in Joseph for lunch.  Oregon is beautiful country and what we saw was varied according to location.  We arrived back at the apartments around 7:00 that evening tired and ready for some showers.   Mission accomplished.  Teresaimg_0418

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