A Busy Four Day Week

This week went by fast.  Once again Noel was busy learning all about fixing airplanes.  I will let Noel tell more about that later.   Winter, David and I worked diligently on finishing up their school for the year.  I am glad to say they finished strong as they finished up their math, took geography tests and had fun learning their memory verse with actions included.    Wednesday was our busiest day with chapel, violin lessons and the dentist.    We are excited that one of the staff wives plays the violin and has been working with Winter on her violin.  Winter is missing her teacher, Miss Anne, but the experience of having another teacher  has been good for her.  

 img_0368After all the hard work, we just had to have some fun.   We decided on a water balloon fight.  It would be Ms. Joy (the wife of one of Noel’s classmates) and I against Winter and David.   We each filled our buckets and then the fight was on.  After another refill, Joy and I retreated to the outdoor chairs and Winter and David tried to engage other apartment occupants in the battle.   As a result, one visiting pastor dumped a bottle of cold water on David and his wife came out with a paper towel as her white surrender flag.    I think they enjoyed the fun of it all or they are just really good at smiling.

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