On Top of the Mountain

Our family spent Memorial Day weekend in Colorado with Noel’s family.  Sunday morning Noel and I awoke at 4:45 am for an adventure with Tim and Amy.  Our goal was to be at the top of Estes Cone as the sun was coming up.   The bad news was the sunrise was much earlier then we anticipated.  The good news was that we wouldn’t have to use headlamps.   The hike was over 3 miles to the top with the last mile being very technical.   We were blessed with great hiking companions and great weather.   For Noel and I, it was sort of like a date since our kids were asleep back with Nana and Papaw. 

As we ascended the trail, my legs were going strong but my lungs needed a break now and then.  At the last mile mark, we started to climb more than hike.  It was an adventure to get to the top.  As I was concentrating on breathing, I wondered if it was worth it.  Soon we could see the blue sky and begin to see all of the other beautiful mountains around us.  Was it worth it?   Every step was worth it.  At the top, we took some time to just quietly worship in our own way, enjoy God’s creation, and of course try to get some gorgeous pictures.

On our journey, I have often wondered if I would make it to the top of my mountain and would it be worth it.   But I have become convinced of these things.  One, God goes before me and is with me.  Two, I can have peace in all circumstances because Jesus is my peace.  Lastly, my goal needs to be to glorify God with each step I take and let God take care of the details.   – Teresa



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