Christmas Eve-Singing for our Supper

This year for Christmas, we decided to do Twelve Days of Christmas.  Each day the kids would receive a clue to help them guess the surprise for the day.  One day we had supper at a friend’s house.  Another day we made cookies for the local staff and one day they picked out a favorite tune from iTunes.  On Christmas eve, the clue read “Tonight you will sing for your supper.”    So Christmas eve along with 6 other people, we sang Christmas carols at two of the restaurants in the Serena Hotel which is located in downtown Kabul.  Our songs ranged from Silent night to Jingle Bells to We Wish You a Merry Christmas. In return, we were treated to a buffet supper at one of the restaurants.   Winter and David couldn’t believe that they were singing Christmas carols by the request of the restaurant manager to both expat and Afghan patrons at the restaurants.   So even though Christmas is not celebrated here in Afghanistan, the Serena Hotel was decorated with Christmas trees and Gingerbread houses which helped put us in a festive mood.   We pray that the words of the carols we sang will stay with our listeners in the days to come.   It was an experience that we will never forget including the amazing meal.   Here are a few pictures from our evening.

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