Engagement Party

When you are invited to an Afghan party, you usually have maybe a day or two’s notice.  In typical Afghan fashion, we learned on Wednesday that we were invited to our Chaikidor’s engagement party that Friday.   Knowing how important this was to our Chaikidor, we gladly changed our plans and planned to attend.   His uncle picked us up and drove us to a house in a more village like part of town. Winter and I were guided to one house where the  ladies were.  While Noel and David were taken to another house where the men were.   Even though the room Winter and I were in had ladies practically sitting on top of each other because it was so crowded, we were able to see more of the action.  At first, the ladies were dancing to the music and talking.  Later we were served plates of food with fried chicken legs, chips (fries) and salata along with other plates of cookies and cake.  To drink, we had tea with cardamom, sugar and milk.  David had 4 cups at his house.  Then all the action begins at least for us ladies as the future bride and groom enter the room to much banging on the tambourine and singing.  Both of them receive lots of hugs and kisses from the aunts, cousins and sisters.  Next there is a ceremony where rings are exchanged, cake and juice are eaten by both the future bride and groom, and more singing and dancing.   Soon after the party is over at this house and our chaikidor’s family all leave to come together again at his father’s house for more eating and dancing.

It was great for us to meet our Chaikidor’s family and to see him interact with his family.  We are thankful for this experience and look forward to the wedding in one or possibly two years.   Pray for our Chaikidor that he will find a way to provide for his bride to be.  He is a talented young man and we love having him as a Chaikidor.  We also believe he is too talented to stay a Chaikidor for long.  Pray that God will provide him with a job that fits his skills.  Pray for Noel especially as he mentors our Chaikidor and tries to find opportunities for him to succeed.

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