Cooking Class

On Monday I along with another wife, Joy, participated in a cooking class.   The class is designed to show us some cooking from scratch methods and expose us to some different fruits/vegetables that we might find.   Since it was a hands on class, the results would be our supper that night.  Our menu was oatmeal rolls, chicken pot pie and fruit salad.   Our afternoon was busy learning how to cook up a chicken, knead bread, and making pie crust.   Our pot pie’s vegetables include green beans, yucca root which is similar to potato, leeks, a summer squash that is green and round and carrots.  We learned how to cut and cook each one of these before combining them with the chicken cooked in a pressure cooker and a white sauce made from scratch.   Our fruit salad had fresh pineapple, papaya with lime on it, mango and banana.   Of course we learned how to properly cut up each of these.   It was a fun afternoon and a nice break to the routine the kids and I have been in.  In the pictures, you will see my teacher Sue who is also a ministry partnership counselor here at MAF and Phyllis, a faithful volunteer. 

Since the apartments are right next to headquarters, Winter and David got to be on their own for a few hours but did stop in and take some pictures of their mommy in action.   Monday evening we enjoyed a delicious meal.  David and Winter were not too sure about the chicken pot pie but ended up liking it.  Their favorite was the homemade rolls.   The next morning we used the leftover rolls to make breakfast sandwiches and the remaining fruit salad for smoothies extending the fun.


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  1. What a great concept….it’s so nice that your ministry thinks of all the “small” details 🙂

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