Election Results Update

On Friday of last week, the flight dispatcher for Pactec got married.  It was fun to be a part of the wedding festivities of dancing, eating, and talking with those around our table.  The bride started off  in a pink dress but later appeared in a traditional green dress.  We enjoyed celebrating with Yama and his new wife.  It was also great to get out and be a part of our staff’s life here.   Here are a few pictures of our time at the wedding.  Note: the ladies are on one side of the big room with a divider and the guys on another side.  The guys usually won’t see the bride unless of course their wife snaps a picture.   The aunt of our groom who also happens to be the mother of one of my students took us under her wing and made sure us ladies had everything we  needed. 

Last week started off with a day off of school for a new holiday.  Since we had been to a wedding the night before and I had a cold, I was thankful for a chance to sleep in.  We found out that the real reason for the holiday was the anticipation of the election results.  The results actually were not announced officially until Monday.    The result was a unity government with Ashraf Ghani being named President and Abdullah Abdullah to hold a role similar to Prime Minster.   After waiting for so long, most people are thankful just to hear any results and are thankful so far things have been peaceful.   My lady who comes in twice a week to help cook and clean is excited about the results as many believe that Ghani represents all the people rather than just one ethnic group.   It will  be an interesting next few months as the new government forms and learns how to function.  The inaugeration is on Monday which will probably mean a day off school.  I am hoping after this that we will get some full weeks of school in. 

On the family front, school is going well despite a few days off already.   Teresa has one tough class but is hopefully getting them whipped into shape soon.  This week was hard dealing with a cold and keeping up with all her regular duties.   Winter turned in her first philospophy paper and did well.  She even refuted one of David’s arguements with the information she has learned in that class.  David is finding that high school is a bit harder than middle school but holding his own in his classes.  Noel and the rest of the guys are closing out their business year so are busy with reports and inventory in addition to their flight and mechanic duties. 

Our team is small for the year with many unknowns about the next few months.  On Saturday, we had ladies’ night with the five ladies here in country.  We prayed for two that will be leaving soon.  They also prayed for me as I turned a year older this week.  It was good to catch up and see how God had answered many of the prayers that we had prayed at the last meeting.  Here is a picture of our time together.  Our time usually includes some type of chocolate, coffee, laughter and a time of prayer.

Thank you for all your prayers concerning the election and our time here this fall.   We are encouraged by the news so far and look to see what rest of the Fall will be like.  Many blessings, TJ

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  1. So glad to hear of the peaceful election results! We will continue to pray for your team as you manage multiple roles with fewer people.
    Love and miss you guys!
    The Medleys

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