Family Conference/Family Weekend

Last Wednesday night and Thursday MAF headquarters had their family conference.  The kids had fun in their classes as Noel and I learned about staying in the Groove using Psalm 37 from the Pastor of a local church.    Friday Noel had the day off due to the conference and our family decided to try out the Greenbelt in Boise.  The Greenbelt is 25 miles of paved bike trails.  The portion we rode ran right beside the river there so it was like being in the country in the middle of the city.   After our ride, we explored downtown Boise and took the kids to a movie. 

Saturday was just a lazy day.  Noel and I got caught up on things around the apartment.  Winter and David spent most of the day outside playing with new friends.  Three sisters are here volunteering with their parents and our kids are enjoying their company.  Noel was very sweet and gave me flowers for our anniversary.  img_0466Saturday evening we dropped the kids off at Uncle Tim and Aunt Amy’s place and went on a date.  It was good to enjoy a meal together and time to talk about our week and the upcoming days.  Winter and David helped Aunt Amy make pizza, watched a movie, ate ice cream ( I hear a whole pint!!) and played games.    They enjoyed their time with Amy and Tim.  We are thankful for this extra time we are getting to spend with them. 

Sunday after church, we enjoyed lunch with the Konops who are also  here for training and learned to play Dice Phase 10.  They were gracious enough to share a pan of lasanga with us in addition to some warm bread and peach tea.     Sunday evening we were social again getting caught up with our friends Sherry and Perry who are serving in Central Asia with us and are home for the summer.   Sherry teaches at the school where the kids will go so we looked at her yearbook and asked her lots of questions.   She even brought each of us a head scarf to have when we get there.  Winter choose one with Pandas on it.   The boys even got one.  Men will often wear them in the summer to help with the sweat or to shield their face from the dust.   It was good to have a perspective from the field and enjoy their company.  Hearing about Central Asia has made us even more anxious to be there.  David last night before going to bed told us “I can’t wait.”  Teresa


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