Fire, Sickness and Lockdowns

Fire hit the home of one our Afghan workers this week.  He works in our Internet and Communications department.  Three of his four children died as did his mother.  His father, sister, and wife are still in critical condition.  In Afghan fashion, the worker was not told at first that his children has died but that they were at another hospital.  Many in Pactec have been involved with providing food and money for the expenses this family is facing.  Besides medical bills, the family will be expected to feed all those who come to mourn with them.  Pray for our team that we can give this worker and his family the support they need.  Pray for them in their grief and for a miracle for his wife, sister and father.

Sickness also hit ISK this week.  David and I both missed three days of school.  David first and then me.  I should be able to go back tomorrow but am not feeling back to myself.  On a positive note, David is back to his normal self and entertaining the whole family with a new acquired Texas accent and songs about Papayas saving us from global warming.   We are thankful that Noel and Winter have stayed well.

On a fun note, ISK had a cooking contest on Tuesday.  Winter decided to enter her Red Velvet Cheesecake brownies and won.  Her brownies were auctioned off so between that and the prize money, Winter is $30 richer.   She is staying busy these days with Basketball and practicing for a musical which will perform in March.  Both kids found out this week that they made the Principal’s honor roll for having all A’s and B’s on their report cards.

This morning our small group met earlier than normal for breakfast and our study.  Now we are on lockdown this afternoon to see what will happen with possible demonstrations going on around the city.  As of now, our area of town is clear but we are still staying put.  A quran was accidentally burned at Bagram which has caused quite an uproar even though it was a mistake and an apology has been issued.   Hopefully the cold will keep things calm and short.

This has been a hard week.  This year I am trying to write down 1000 gifts or things I am thankful for.  At the beginning of the week, I was really struggling to see what  I could be thankful for.  But God heard my prayer and reminded me sometimes the best thanks comes when it is the hardest.  So here are a few things from my list this week.

#686 A principal who say “Stay home and get well.”

#690 Water and electricity despite the cold.

#691 David taking care of me the day I was really sick.

#692 The sun deciding to shine on the day we needed it most.

#695 God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

May your week be blessed and warm.  T

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