Winter’s Busy Week

Overall I would say life is slower here but this week was a busy one for our family especially Winter.  On Sunday, many of the High school girls participated in a dance recital at an orphanage where they read poems and danced.  It was a fun day for Winter who only had to go to her first period class.  The girls spent the day at the orphanage preparing for the recital and having a tea party with the orphan girls.  Not only did the ISK girls dance but the orphanage girls did a performance that was inspiring.  Noel is just lucky I am not allowed to adopt here or our family would be at least two daughter larger.  Here is a poem recited by one of Winter’s friends.

I am from…

I am from forced laughter, fake smiles, and little trust.

I am from a place where keeping my guard up is a must.

I am from those who need to overcome their deepest sorrow.

I am from those who don’t know how to face their tomorrow.

I am from that bit of raining sky.

I am from a heart wearing chains, ready to fly.

I am form a world of logic, a world of reason.

I am from fairy tales that I want to believe in.

I am from trembling hands and nervous hearts that are quite real.

I am from concealing who I am and how I feel.

On Wednesday, our school had a talent show.  The acts ranged from ripsticking to an Afghan band to a Toby Mac song.  Winter played a gaelic song on her violin.  Here is a picture of Winter playing her violin and of the winning act.  The winning act was a guy in Winter’s class who danced to a Michael Jackson song.  He did such a great job that they had him do an encore at the end.

Lastly on Tuesday and Thursday, Winter’s basketball team participated in the Woman’s day basketball tournament.  They ended up coming in third place.  Noel and I and others on our team were able to see the game on Thursday.   The scoreboard was a white board.  At one time the score was inflated 10 points for each team since the game was being televised.  The girls had to wear headscarves when they were playing which sometimes got in the way.  The team did a great job especially since this was the first time this year they have been a full basketball court.  Our basketball court at school is outside and small so practice has been challenging with the cold and snow.   Here are a few pictures from the event.

I think Winter is looking forward to little bit slower week this week.

3 thoughts on “Winter’s Busy Week”

  1. Thanks for sharing Winter’s week with us. I am so proud of her. She is very talented and can do so many different things. Love the pictures. The only better thing would have been to see some of these events in person. I love you, Winter, and miss you. Nana

  2. Wow! That was a busy week for Winter! Glad the tournament went well and that you are so willing to try new things!
    Miss you all!

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