Flight Following

img_2004When you think of flight following you think of planes but for us that is not always the case.  Flight following is a term that we use when we are in contact with another person as to our location.  Usually it is just a quick phone call that you have reached your destination or that you are home.   In the mornings, the school shuttles have a more formal flight following using the radios.  The past few weeks I have been the flight follower, Tango Foxtrot, for the two shuttles.    Since I am keeping track of where the shuttle is anyways so that David doesn’t miss his ride, it has not been too difficult.   As you can see, I can even check my facebook in between calls if I want to.   Each house has a number and when the driver arrives and leaves each destination, they let me know.   Being new, it is nice to have a way to contribute to the team even if it is a small thing.

I also have a different type of flight following that has been important to me in the last couple of years.  It is a spiritual flight following.  I have two dear friends in the states who pray for me weekly and I also get to pray for them.     It is nice to have someone praying for you and asking the tough questions if need be.

2 thoughts on “Flight Following”

  1. I love Tango Foxtrot! I may never call you Teresa again! 🙂 Love you, Christe

  2. I love Tango Foxtrot, too . . . the friend and the name! Have a great day!

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