David’s Spring Concert

img_1997img_1995David had his Spring Concert last Tuesday.  They sang two songs and recited the poem For Whom the Bell Tolls.   Each class was assigned a different color shirt to wear.  Luckily with Nana’s help, we were able to get an orange shirt for David when Noel was in the states.   David is enjoying his new school and has made some good friends there.  David and the boy to his left named Joseph are the only two ex pats in the class.  The rest of the children are Afghan.  Each class also had an art display.  Here is a picture of the display for David’s class. 

img_1998 Pray for David that he will be a light at his school.  Who knows he could be sitting next to a future leader of Afghanistan each day?

2 thoughts on “David’s Spring Concert”

  1. David, I love the shirt on you. I know you did a great job singing and reciting the poem. Wish I could have heard them. Love,

  2. Interesting art! What are those things?
    Yes, we will pray for David. We know God called your whole family to serve Him, and He will use each of you in unique ways. How exciting!
    Love you guys!

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