Fouts Fall Update 2018

Summer is gone and fall is here.  So much has happened since I last wrote.  David graduated from highschool.   We loved the ceremony, complete with its special quirks and David giving a speech.

Noel headed back to Liberia while David and I flew to the states.

After some time with Nana and Papaw and dentist and doctor’s appointments.   David and I went on a road trip that took us to Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana before meeting Noel in Texas.

It was great to reconnect with family and friends after being away for two years.  The cousins enjoyed lots of table tennis, spike ball, and even running together.

In Texas, we caught up with old friends and even celebrated Teresa’s 50th birthday early.

Next stop was back to Tennessee, we were had time with Nana and Papaw and Noel’s sisters and their families.  Winter was able to join us which made it extra special.  Here are a few pictures from our time.

David with Sawyer and Finn

Winter holding her cousin’s Kalyn’s new baby girl.


A night out with the parents and siblings.  Lots of good food and conversation.

And if you haven’t heard already, Winter is engaged to be married to Nathan Paul in May of 2019.  So of course, Winter and I had to go wedding dress shopping, and Nana graciously came along.

Then I headed back to Liberia while the boys headed off towards California.  They stopped first in Miami to spend time with a photographer friend.  After that, they flew to LA and spent some time sight seeing before getting David settled in at California Baptist University.

David and Winter are both enjoying their semesters at school.  Noel’s work here is going well.  Rainy season had some challenging flying but I guess that keeps things from getting boring.   Teresa has three students this fall and is enjoying the rhythm of her days.  In January, she will possibly have up to 6 more students.

Prayer Requests;

We are in the process of hiring a new helicopter pilot.  Pray for the process and making the right decision.

For an internship or job in California this spring for Winter.

For Teresa as she figures out how to best educate all her students as her school grows.

Many blessings.


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