June Update

Teresa finished her school year at the end of May.  Even though she only had three students, they kept her busy due to their age differences and the different subjects they were taking.  It has been a great year but both teacher and students are ready for summer break.  Here is a fun picture of her three students a few months back when they were trying to see who could fly their paper airplane the farthest.

The last week of school, our school hosted a field day for all the expat kids who live on the compound.  We had about 16 kids there.  It was a fun morning full of water balloon fun, sandcastle building and various relays.

Winter finished her third year at Liberty.  On her way to California, she stopped in Texas to be in a wedding of a dear friend she has known since she was 9 months.  She enjoyed getting to see Texas friends and be a part of this special event.   This summer she hopes to find a job but also make connections for future employment in her career field of sign language interpreting.  Pray for her summer that she will make good connections.

David is finishing up his last week of high school this week.  Noel and Teresa will head to Germany on Wednesday to see David graduate on Saturday, June 16th.  On Sunday, Noel will fly back to Liberia.  David and Teresa will head to the states for the summer with Noel joining them towards the end of July.  Pray for David as he works on getting his driver’s license, taking some CLEP tests, and getting used to living in the states again.  Here is a picture of David with some of his dorm brothers before their Junior Senior Banquet.

Awhile back, we told you about Joshua, one of Noel’s employees, who was going to the states to get his pilot’s license.  He is progressing well and actually soloed recently.  Here is a picture of Joshua right after he soloed.  Part of the tradition there is to get the back of your shirt cut out after your solo run.  Please pray for him as he continues his training.

We also thought you might like to see a picture of the new hanger door that we mentioned a few months back.  We are thankful to Higher Power Doors who donated the door.

Last but not least, this month our team will be hosting another cataract project.  The goal of the project is to help those with cataracts that live in the more remote areas. Pray for our team as they locate those who need help.  Also pray for Noel and his team as they transport the patients in and out of Monrovia for their procedure.  Lastly, pray for the team of doctors, nurses, and other staff that are coming to do the procedures.

We hope to see many of you when we are in the states this summer.  Blessings to you all. Teresa for the Fouts

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  1. Thanks for the update. Love the pictures! Can’t wait to catch up in person this summer!
    Praying as you have asked.

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