Training and US Visit

Customs Officer: “How long has it been since you’ve been in the U.S.?”
Me: “Uhh – It’s been exactly 2 years.”
Customs Officer: “Right answer.  Welcome back!”

Last week I returned to the U.S. for a quick trip.  I re-qualified medically and also technically as a pilot.  I also visited with my daughter Winter and my parents at Liberty University.  It was a fast, action-packed trip.  Living outside the U.S., I frequently read on the news how road-rage is prevalent, how armed home invasions are on the rise and how you are likely to be in a rogue-shooter situation at the theatre or mall.  However, I didn’t experience any of those situations.  I found the people in North Carolina and Virginia very friendly, courteous, and kind.  I guess I shouldn’t believe everything I read/hear in the news.

My daughter introduced me to her best friends.  I helped her move into her new “loft” apartment downtown (very jealous).  We toured the ever growing Liberty campus.  And we ate at her favorite hang outs.  The most impactful activity was attending “deaf” church.  I was nervous because it would be rude to speak and I know very little sign language.  But everyone was super friendly.  The music and testimony time was meaningful and emotional.  I was in tears the entire time.  It is so refreshing to hear how God is moving/working in other people’s lives – especially those with disabilities.

I also enjoyed visiting with my parents.  They just celebrated 49 years of marriage.  I miss them and look forward to visiting with the whole family this August during a much needed family reunion.

My recurrent training in a full-motion Caravan simulator went well.  I had three 12 hour days of training.  It was intense but worthwhile.  We practice emergencies that would be too dangerous to do in the real airplane.  I had two 65+year old instructors.  I love spending time with the older generations.  They have so much wisdom they are willing to share.

David graduates from BFA in Germany on June 16th. He begins his training to be a commercial photographer at CBU in California this Fall.  Teresa and David will be touring the U.S. this summer starting mid-June.  Let them know if you would like a visit.  I will be joining them for the month of August.

Thank you again for your prayer support over all these years! – Noel

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  1. Thank-you Fouts for your work and sacrifices. You all are a REAL inspiration for all of us who love JESUS.


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