Go Girl Go!!

Last week Winter had a busy week sports wise.  On Tuesday she played in the student vs. teacher soccer game.  The girls played tough but the teachers held their own with the Jr. High math/science teacher defending the goal. The students were victorious by scoring in the shootout at the end of the game.  It was fun seeing the girls  play who are my students and also friends of Winter’s. They were assertive and went straight for the goal.  Some even played in head scarves.  The student team was filled with both expat and Afghan girls all enjoying the experience together.  Winter played mostly defense and even took a ball in the face during the first half.   As I watched the girls play, my silent prayer was that they would continue to be strong in all areas of life as many will be graduating in the spring and navigating the world outside the walls of ISK.

Then on Friday, Winter and I played on the Pactec team in a volleyball tournament between five different NGO’s.  We made it to the second round but lost two out of the three games so didn’t make it to the final.  Winter started off a little nervous but soon figured out where she was suppose to stand and had some really good bumps especially as we were trying to hold our own in the last game.  The day was beautiful so win or lose it was a perfect day to be out playing volleyball with friends.  ISK, the school were I teach, took first place.  In a way, I was grateful we didn’t have to try to defend against some of their spikes as they took down the team that we had lost to.

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