Happy Birthday David!!

Today is David’s 12th birthday.  We celebrated on Wednesday night with David having four friends over for the night.  The evening was full of basketball, pizza, cake and ice cream, legos, and lots of wii games.  Of course they had to watch a movie as they tried to come down from their sugar high.   It was fun to watch the boys interact and use up all that energy they have.  We feel blessed that David has some boys his age that he can hang out with and that he has things in common with.

Since it is David’s birthday, I thought it would be a good time to catch you up on what is going on in his life.   David is in 6th grade and is tired of sitting in tables and would rather sit in rows.  Other than that, he likes school but is feeling like most of it is review so far.  Currently he  has two after school clubs-Music club and guitar club which he both loves.  You can often hear him practicing his guitar and singing.  His jobs at home include making sure our water bottles get filled and helping mom with breakfast or getting the table set for dinner.   He still loves legos but can often be seen engaging in nerd gun wars or making club houses next door.   Lately he has been a helper for the preschool class at our Friday meeting and really enjoys that.   David makes life more fun for all around him and it is hard to be around him for long without a smile appearing on your face.  We are thankful to  God for giving him to us 12 years ago.

Here is a picture of David from his party.

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