A Peek Inside Our Home

One of the most common questions we were asked when we were in the states this summer was “What does your home look like?”   All of our team lives in the same area of town which makes it convenient for the kids’ schools and getting together.  It does mean that most of the guys have a half hour or more drive to and from the airport every day.   So here are a few pictures of our home.  It is a two story house with a yard.  We live next door to another Pactec house that houses two families and the other side of us is vacant except for an older guy who watches over the house/building.

Picutre #1: This is the side door to our house.  The small building to the right is for the guards to cook their meals, sleep, and just hang out.  We have a day guy and a night guy.  Most people will use the front door which is just around the corner.

Picture #2: My kitchen.  Notice it looks very normal and it is.  The only challenge I am having right now is an oven door that doesn’t like to open and close very well.  Thankfully I have a husband who is handy at fixing things.

Picture #3: Our dining area where we would love to share a meal with you when you come to visit. The long pillows around the table are called tooshaks. The floors are basically concrete with the a thin carpet on top.

Picture #4: Our living area with a mix of Afghan and Western furnishings.  We enjoy having team meetings and small group at our house in this room which is connected to the dining room.

Picture #5: Our three bedrooms are upstairs.  This is our bedroom.  David’s is on the other side of the wall with Winter’s right beside it.

So come visit any time.  We would love to have you.  Blessings.  Teresa

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  1. I LOVE seeing what your house is like! I can picture you with the right scenery now when I read about your time in the kitchen or your meal at the table! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Love and miss you!

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