A Wedding in Kabul

Just thought you might enjoy a few pictures from the wedding of Amos and Emily last week.  Amos is a pilot/mechanic with Pactec like Noel and was also part of our team when we were in Tajikistan learning  language.   It was a simple wedding in the garden of one of the Pactec houses under an Afghan tent.  They memorized their vows and both had tears in their eyes as the bride walked down the aisle.

We are excited to have Emily join our team.  She not only has a love for Amos and God but also a love for the Muslim people.  On a fun note,as they were heading to their honeymoon destination here in Afghanistan, some of the guys decided to decorate their plane as you would a car after a wedding.    They even made the call sign for the flight  Lovebird 1

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