A Reminder of Where We Live.

As I throw away the spaghetti for a meal last week that has gone uneaten, I am thinking of how I really hate to waste food and even more so after reading this blog.  This week I was reminded of the fact that even though I and all the people I interact with have food to eat, there are many in this country who still struggle to find food and clean drinking water.  It is one of the reasons why we are here.   The link is to a map put out by the UN about Global Food Security.  Most of the countries are in Africa but you will find that Afghanistan is also in red.

My next reminder of where I live came yesterday.  My students are eyeing the clock as we are finishing our last class of the day when we are told we need to go to a safe location.   An explosion had occurred close enough for us to use precautions.  After a time, we quickly get the kids to car line and safely on their way home.   Two other teachers and I are crammed into the Pactec van with our kids and head for home.  As we get to our house, we are told for everyone in the van to exit and stay for now at our house.   The rest of the afternoon is spent watching kids play, talking and drinking some iced coffee.   Just as I am getting ready to cook supper for the crowd, the others are allowed to head home.   This is where I live.  Things like this don’t happen very often but when they do it is a reminder of where we live.   As we debriefed with the kids at supper, we asked them how they were doing. As we talked I was reminded that God has given children a different perspective on life.  As long as they see all the adults around them acting calmly and rationally, they usually don’t feel the need to worry.  Seeing the security guy at the school with his vest on and big gun did not scare them but reassured them that someone was watching out for them.  In fact, David thought it was cool.  Also when David wakes up this morning, I am sure he will not be sad that he does not have school today.

Continue to pray for this country.  Pray for security and the food supply knowing that one affects the other.  Pray for us to be lights as we seek to help the Afghans through our work here.

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