School Update

Our first week of school went well.  Currently the international school is up to 370 students Pre-K through 12.  Winter had a few schedule changes that needed to be made but has enjoyed being back with friends and not so much the homework.  David enjoyed his first week of school but is already ready for summer break again or so he says.   I have mostly different students than last year but was excited to see a few familiar names on my list.  Four of these names are Seniors in my Algebra II class that will need to pass Algebra II to graduate.  Two of the girls are already coming in for extra help.  Pray for them as they work hard to learn and do their best.  Pray for me to be patient and able to help them succeed.   I enjoy these two young ladies and the time I get to spend with them. I am enjoying my school schedule and all its challenges.  The enthusiasm of many of my students is refreshing.   I teach four classes in three different classrooms and then also have 1st/2nd grade lunch duty.  Guess which part of the day wears me out the most?   Since I am not full time, I do not have my own class room.  It has been a challenge to get set up for each class and able to use the different equipment in each room.  I am sure I will never get bored.   It is a blessing for me that I can go in a little later.   Mornings are precious to me as I have breakfast with Winter and David before they head to school.  I sometimes will ride with them to school and sometimes go in a little later if I have things I need to get done around the house.

Today is Sept 11th and we are off from school due to heightened security.   Noel and the rest of the pilots are on a regular schedule for the day.  This day 10 years ago I barely even knew where Afghanistan was.  It is interesting how God guides our lives in ways we would never suspect.   Now our family has a love for this people and currently call this country home.  Our daily prayer is that the people here will come to “understand God’s grace in all its truth”(Col 1:6b).

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