This past week IAM, one of our partner NGOs, had their team conference.  Since they didn’t have enough housing for all their team members coming in from different parts of the country, we were privileged to have two of their ladies stay with us.  One lady is working in Mazar as a nurse and is from New Zealand.   The other lady is a 65 year old lady from England who is also a nurse and has one month left in Afghanistan.   Currently she has been working in Lal.   We didn’t get to see them much but it was great to share a few breakfasts with them and evening chats.  At one time, both ladies had worked in Lal together so they enjoyed getting caught up with each other.   We heard many stories of what life is like in the more remote regions.  Lal pretty much doesn’t have electricity but they have learned to adapt and use generators when needed.  Mazar has electricity but it isn’t very reliable making it almost better to be set up to be without.  Both ladies have worked in hospitals where they have limited resources and many challenges.  Both ladies spoke of how they couldn’t do what they do without Pactec to fly them in and out of where they work.   They spoke of their love for the people in these remote areas and how in some ways their life is more freer there.   Their time with us also reminded us of things we often take for granted as they enjoyed our shower and a few other fun treats.    Teresa

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