Peace Jirga

For the next four days here in Afghanistan, Karzai is entering into discussions with elders from all over Afghanistan.  This is a yearly event and is either called the Peace Jirga or Loya Jirga.  Due to the heightened security and road closure, our school is closed on Wednesday and Saturday giving us a 4 day weekend.  Since we just had a break, we weren’t really ready for another one but in the name of peace we have one.  So if you think of us today, pray for these talks that they will go well and that peace can come to Afghanistan.  Pray not only for a peace from the fighting but that the Afghans will find peace from the Prince of Peace.   Some of the issues being talked about are relationship between the US and Afghanistan and reconciliation with the Taliban. Pray also for security during this time especially for those in leadership and those participating in the Jirga.

I am also including a link to David’s teacher’s blog where she posted an essay of a classmate of David’s which gives a 12 year olds perspective of his life and Afghanistan.

Blessings,  Teresa

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