Taco Thursday

For over a year, Winter has been trying to have her friends over for tacos.  The only problems was that the girls couldn’t figure out how to make it happen.  Enter Mr. Cooper.   He assigned a project in World History and put all the girls in one group.  He then took the extra step of writing a letter to their parents describing the project and that I would be supervising the girls if they would be able to come to our house on Thursday.    So Thursday, our house was full of giggly girls trying on Panjaabs for their project, drinking hot chocolate, listening to Afghan music, eating tacos and of course making some progress on their project.   There were 6 girls total counting Winter.   They had so much fun that they are hoping to have another project in the Spring.  These girls pretty much go to school and then go home.  So an outing like this was a real treat even if it did involve a little school work.

The project was on the culture of Islam.  The girls decided to dress up in Panjaabs even though these aren’t necessarily worn by all Muslim women.  Here are two pictures I took of them modeling their outfits.

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