School’s Out

We are officially on School holiday until January 6th.   Since we started school later , we won’t have semester finals until the end of January which made the last week a little less stressful.   Even though the majority of the students don’t celebrate Christmas, there seemed to be a little Christmas spirit at school.  Some of my students even wanted to take their test listening to Christmas music.  On Tuesday, our school  had their staff  Christmas party at a Korean restaurant near us.  In Kabul style, the electricity went out and the generator broke but luckily the food was cooked and we had candles to eat by.   It was a fun evening to talk and enjoy some time together before almost all of the teachers head off for the three week break.  Most of the teachers will be heading to the states but a few will head to India, England and New Zealand.  Our family will be here this Christmas and are looking forward to some down time.  Pactec will still be flying during this break and due to vacations will be down to 4 pilots.  This year to focus on family time and spread out the fun, we are doing a 12 days of Christmas.  Last night we did a family sleep over where we all slept down by the fire, started putting a puzzle together and watched a TV episode.  We finished it off this morning which is our Sunday with a breakfast of hoecake, hash browns, bacon and eggs.  The MRE bacon was a fun find from the Bush Bazaar by a friend.  We hope your Christmas season is blessed.  We want you to know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers.

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