High Water Pressure

No or low water pressure is a normal problem here in Central Asia.  Today we had a new problem-high water pressure.   Our plumbing is old.  Put the two together and you get waterworks.  It started with the toilet valve breaking.   Luckily, it just meant the toilet kept running until Noel turned it off.  No flood.   Then we heard a strange sound in the kitchen, it was the sink pipes having trouble containing the pressure.  Turning on the water helped some until Noel found the turn off for the city water but we did have alot of water on the kitchen floor. 

Noel next set out to find the necessary parts to fix the problems taking him to not just one but two bazaars complete with a taxi ride home.  In the meantime, the kids and I proceeded to clear out the cabinets underneath the sink and mop up the extra water in the kitchen.   When Noel arrived home, I was his assistant for the kitchen sink and David for the toilet.  But alas, we had discovered one more problem but it would have to wait until after class.  The hot water knob on the tub had suffered a similar fate.   So after class, Noel set out once more and is currently finishing up his last plumbing job.    We are thankful he was able to find all the parts and can fix the problem.  It is just one more adventure in our lives here. 


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