Language continues…

img_0900Dari language study is going well.  We’ve “mastered” present and past tense (ok maybe not mastered).  We also added about 20 verbs last week to our vocabulary.  The verbs definitely make it easier to dialog with others.  This week we will add imperatives (commands) and try to master the 20 verbs we have plus the 250 or so nouns, adjectives, and adverbs that are currently in our vocabulary.  We are also getting faster at reading/writing Dari.  Our entire lessons now are spoken and written in Dari with very little English used.  Exciting.   In one of the pictures – you can see our teacher – Baseer.  He is a gift from God.  He is a college grad and also had had two year of medical school.  Unfortunately he and his family were forced to leave Afghanistan because he became a believer.  When we found him here in Dushanbe, he was cleaning rugs.  Now he teaches two classes of Dari a day for our team.  As a plus, he definitely has the the gift of teaching.  Isn’t God cool!img_1017

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  1. God’s provision of your teacher is so amazing! I love to see how God works things out for His people!
    The language looks difficult to me! I’m so impressed with your progress. May God continue to bless your studies!
    Love you!

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