Mary Kay in Central Asia

img_1020Mavjuda’s husband is an alcoholic. During one of his recent binges she went to stay with her Mom. She locked all her Mary Kay stock into a room at their house and took the keys with her. While she was gone her husband broke into the room (by taking the window out of its frame) and stole a large portion of her Mary Kay stock and sold it cheaply to buy booze. So Mavjuda has a big financial loss.

On Tuesday night, I had an opportunity to attend a Mary Kay party that was given in order to help Mavjuda recoop some of her losses.  It was very much like a Mary Kay party you would go to in the states but it was all in Tajik.  Luckily I had a lady sitting beside me that translated for me when I needed it.  Mavjuda stressed how her faith in God is her number one priority and then her family.  During the party we had the opportunity to pray for Mavjuda and encourage her.  She smiled when I told her in tajik that I was from Texas (where Mary Kay is from) and that I had some dear friends who also sold Mary Kay in the US.  img_1019

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  1. Mary Kay is everywhere. I never thought I’d see you went to a Mary Kay party in one of your posts!

  2. Wow! That’s especially meaningful since I work for Mary Kay. I didn’t realize we had Beauty Consultants in that country.

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