After a full two months in the states, we find ourselves home in Kabul.   We arrived early Thursday morning and were even able to make the the 9:30 team meeting.  It was good to see everyone and find out how the team is doing.   Our time in the states was refreshing yet busy.   We are thankful to all of you who fed us, gave us lodging, or did many other things for us.  Thank you for listening to our stories and your interest in our work here.   It was good to see you all but it is also good to be home.  Noel has already started his work at the airport and is flying for the second day in a row.  Teresa has been getting the house back in order and restocking the pantry.  She even got in a trip to the Bush Bazaar with friends this week.  She will start teacher’s meetings next week so is hoping to have everything back in place for her to start work.   David and Winter are enjoying being able to get caught up with friends they have not seen in a while.   We are all still adjusting to the heat and also to sleeping through the night.  We are pretty close on the sleeping part.

Here are some prayer points for our family.

  • The International School of Kabul where Winter and David attend and Teresa teaches is starting later due to funding and Ramadan.  Pray that the school will receive their money quickly.  All the teachers are arriving and much has to be done before school starts.  Some of those things can not be done if there is no money.  Pray for grace and creativity for all who work at ISK as we may have an interesting start to our school year.
  • Pray for all who are fasting for Ramadan.  Pray that during this time as many are spiritually seeking that God will speak to them.  Pray also for health for those fasting.  A friend this week was telling me that a son of one of her friends died due to dehydration.  It is hotter than normal here so dehydration is a danger.
  • Pray for our team during this time.  We have two families that are leaving this fall.  Pray for the new journey that God is leading them on and help us to send them off with love.  Pray also for a new family that will be joining us this year once they finish their support raising and training.

Blessings to you all.  Teresa

Here are a few pictures from our summer to enjoy.

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