Junior Senior Banquet

The year is slowly winding down.  Wednesday was our last day to have our Seniors and next Thursday they will graduate.  In some ways it was a sober day since many are not sure what the future will bring.  Others as in any school couldn’t wait to be done with school.  Last Thursday the Juniors and Seniors had their banquet at a local restaurant close to the school.  They all dressed up, took lots of pictures, talked and ate some good food.  Some of the boys danced but for cultural reasons the girls didn’t dance.  It is not appropriate for girls in this culture to dance in front of the boys.  Here are a few pictures of the event.

My Date and I .

Two Senior Girls that I had both in Geometry and Algebra II. The one on the right will be getting married in the next year and moving to Australia.

Noel with three of my Senior students.

It was a fun evening to sit outside and watch the action, enjoy the good food, and get away right in the middle of Kabul.  TJ

2 thoughts on “Junior Senior Banquet”

  1. Looks like a fun evening. Everyone is so nice looking, even the teacher and her date.

  2. Yes, everyone looks so nice! I’m glad you had a nice evening out. I’m glad you get to encourage your seniors!
    Miss you!

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