The Secret Garden

A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed an evening in a Secret Garden.  The basketball court had been transformed with a stage, paper flowers, fabric and roses from people’s gardens.   The evening was cool with a nice breeze.  As the sun started to go down, the dancers appeared and began their performance.  The dancers ranged from preschoolers to high schoolers.  Here are a few pictures of the event.   See if you can recognize Winter.  She was in a dance called “The Storm”.

Our Secret Garden
Opening Dance
The Robins
Winter's Friend Marissa leading the little ones in their dance
The Storm
The Whole Cast

The dances were amazing.  It was great to see how all the girls have improved since last year’s recital and to also see some new faces that have joined dance since then.  Winter actually had dance this year as part of her PE/Health class.  She really enjoyed it and hopes to continue her dance next year.  Pray for Kabul Dance Studio as they seek to come back next year on their own and not a part of the ISK school.  It has been a great outlet not only for the expat and Afghan girls but also in offering classes for women in the evenings.

Blessings, TJ

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