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UPDATE: – We are still waiting to get our items out of customs.  We’ll let you know as soon who won the contest ASAP.

Our shipment is here in Kabul in customs.  How long it will be there is anyone’s guess.  So we thought we would have a little contest.  In the comments, leave the date you think we will get our shipment.  Each family member can cast a vote but let us somehow know whose vote is which at least by his or hers first initial.  The prize will be something from Afghanistan and we will try to match it to if the winner is a male or female, young or old.  Now even if you guess a later date, you still need to pray it will come sooner since Winter and David are really ready to have some of their things again.   We will announce the winner when the shipment arrives.   If there is more than one vote for the same day and it wins, we will draw from those names. 

Blessings to you all. 

Teresa and Family

9 thoughts on “Just for Fun”

  1. Hey Teresa,

    Glad to hear that you made it to Kabul. I have been thinking about you all this week. Glad to hear that the kids are already making new friends. Praying for you all. Love ya

    Lu’s guess is March 29th. hoepfully you will get it sooner though.

  2. Chris: March 31
    Julie: April 7
    Elizabeth: April 1
    Rebekah: April 13
    Susanna: May 5
    Abigail: April 2

    We hope the actual day is March 20

  3. We chose optomistic dates:
    David — April 15
    Shelley — March 28
    Hannah — March 31
    Sarah — April 4
    Naomi doesn’t pick a date because she doesn’t want to lose 🙂

    Shelley’s negative date is July 4…I’m praying that is waaayyy far too late for your true receipt date!!

  4. Dad and I are sorry it is taking so long to get your things. I am choosing Noel’s birthday of April 14 and Dad is choosing March 24. Of course, we pray that it will be sooner.
    Mom Fouts

  5. I think April 3 will be the day. On that Saturday all over the U.S., kids will be Easter Egg hunting. What a blast it would be for you to have your own Easter hunt with your stuff…rummaging through crates to find just what you’ve been waiting for! 🙂 We miss ya’ll!
    Tom, Cathy & Nathan

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