Home at Last

Last Wednesday we left Tajikistan and flew to Kabul.  Three hours later after getting through customs we were at our new home.   Our home is located in Karte Se and is next to two other team houses.  It also also on a dead end street making it possible for David and Noel at least to spend time out on the street playing and getting to know our Afghan neighbors.  We are feeling at home already in our house.  The kids love their rooms and are excited once again to have their own room.  David’s is green and Winter’s is purple.  Most of all they love the trampoline that the previous owners left in our backyard and the built in playmates next door.  

Our first week has been busy.  Each night we have had supper with a different family giving us a chance to get to know the team and find out about the program.  David started his new school on Saturday and is adjusting well.  His favorite part is recess and riding the van back and forth to school.   When he walked into his class the first day, his class was very excited to finally meet David.   They have been waiting for David to come now for a few weeks.  The boys were especially excited now that they outnumber the girls.   Noel and I ‘s days have been filled with exploring Kabul, shopping for needed items and getting everything settled at our new home.   Winter either joins us or goes to our  neighbor’s house to work on her schoolwork.    Tomorrow we will be exploring the Bush Bazaar named after President George Bush.  We will let you know how that goes. 

Thank you for all your prayers.  We are excited to finally be to in the place God has called us to be.


3 thoughts on “Home at Last”

  1. Yea! We’re so excited to hear that you are “home”! How encouraging to see you arrive and move in after all these months of prayer and preparation! Thanks be to God for His wonderful ways!
    We love you!
    The Medleys

  2. I am so thankful that you are finally in the place that you are called to be. I continually pray that things will be well and safe.
    Mom Fouts

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