Women’s Day, Packing and Good byes

img_1890Excitement is in the air.  Our bags are pretty much packed even though I am wondering how some of the last few things will fit.  We are saying our last good byes today.  On Friday, David’s class had a suprise party for him and spent the day just having fun and saying goodbye.  Then that night, all the boys in his class had a sleep over for a class mates birthday where they ate cake, watched Indiana Jones and played on the Wii.  Winter’s friends Nienke and Teresa have each spent a night at our house this weekend so they could have some extra time together before we leave.   Noel and I’s good byes have included meals with friends and yesterday a sweet time of fellowship with our home church here where we sang, prayed, shared communion and then shared a meal together.   Today is full of last minute details and saying good bye to Gulzoda who is also helping me get our apartment all clean.   We head south about 2 hours tomorrow afternoon and then fly out Wed. morning.  In some ways, it still doesn’t seem real. 

img_1886Today is also Women’s day here in Tajikistan and other Muslim countries.  Noel was sweet enough to get me flowers.  He even was able to find daisies my favorite.   There is no school today and a few places are closed to celebrate.  It is a time for men and boys to give gifts to the women and girls in their lives and show appreciation to them.  




Here are some pictures giving you a glimpse of our last weekend here.


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  1. I know it has been difficult to say good-bye, but I am grateful for the good and sweet times you have had in T land, and for the friendships God provided there. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in A!
    Love you guys!

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