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Our family loves to read and just thought we would share a few of the books we have finished recently or are still a work in progress.

Both Noel and Teresa

Inside the Revolution by Joel Rosenberg
This one took a while for us to read but was very informative about the area of the world where we now live.  Joel talks in his book about the Radicals, Reformers and Revivalists.   Who is doing what and why.  My favorite part was the last section on the Revivalists as he told stories of those living in Muslim countries stepping out in faith to share Jesus with their countrymen at great risk to them and their famililies.

Veiled Freedom by Jeanetter Windle
This novel is set in Afghanistan and story of a lady who is a NGO worker there and a guy who is a security contractor.   As I read the book, my mind kept going back to our trip to A. in the fall and what it was like there.  The plot was good and the author does a great job of looking at some of the issues and concerns that workers there might face.  

Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs
This marriage book has some great ideas for both husbands and wives on how to get off the crazy cycle.  For me, (Teresa) it has given me new insight in how to better love my husband by showing him respect each and every day.  This book is still a work in progress. (Noel) For me it has given me some practical ways I can show Teresa that I love her.

Just Teresa

The Shepherd’s Castle by George MacDonald
This book was given to me by a friend and I wasn’t so sure how I would like it.  It ended up being a great read for those evenings my brain was full of language and I needed a good diversion.  The story was intriguing and God-centered.  The castle even had a mystery in it.  I have another book given to me by the same friend that I hope to start on sometime next week.  My favorite quote from the book comes from the main character Donal when he says, ” When the storm is upon us, it seems as if there never could be any sunshine more; but our hopelessness does not keep back the sun when his hour to shine is come.”

Third Culture Kids by David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken
I found this book at the kids’ school and am trying to finish it before we leave.  As a mom, I want to know how to best train and care for my children.  This book tells the benefits and challenges of growing up in another culture.  It also gives suggestions on how to leave well and what to be aware of as your children go through many transitions.  It might even be a book that I will have to buy as a good resource in the future.

 Just Noel

Tea with Hezbollah by Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis
These two guys spend a month interviewing “the enemy” in the Middle East.  They journied to Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Beirut, Lebanon, Syria, Jerusalem, and the West Bank of Palestine.  Ted reprints the transcripts from these interviews with very little editing.  You will be surprised at what our enemies think about America and its citizens.  These guys were also on the hunt for “the Good Samaritan”.  I was surpised at just who the good guys were.  This is an easy read and very, very interesting.  Ted includes an updated Good Samaritan story that challenged my current perspective.

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  1. I’m fixin’ to read Tea with Hezbollah… I’ll let ya’ll know when i finish.

    Kelly C.

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