Kabul in the Fall

Most of you know that we are currently living in Tajikistan, learning Dari.  In March we will move to Afghanistan.  However, we have traveled to Kabul this week to meet with our team there to do some planning for next year.  One of our Pactec King Air’s came and picked us all up in Dushanbe and flew us to Kabul.  It was awesome!  We are meeting with many of the families here, visiting the kid’s school, touring the city, and planning/figuring out where and which types of aircraft we will be using next year.  Did you know that we will probably have 2 Kodiaks here next year.  Our first is coming in November!  How cool is that!  Please pray that this time will be useful, productive, and meaninful for all involved.  Below are a few pictures.


3 thoughts on “Kabul in the Fall”

  1. The girls look great in their head scarves! It must be exciting to finally get to see where you will eventually be living. Safe travels 🙂

  2. Everyone looks healthy and happy. Praying for safe travel for everyone there. I send my love.

  3. The Medleys are praying for you regularly as you have asked. The mountains out the window of the plane are spectacular! What a trip! May God bless all your interactions this week.
    Love you!

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