Kabul part 2

img_1308The last couple of weeks have been long for me with the kid’s school, our hiking trip and frustrations with language learning.   So I was not looking forward to this trip thinking it would just be just more stress.   Winter and I sat in the tail of the plane.  As we flew into Kabul, all the pictures I have seen over the last year became reality.   As we drove through the streets an hour later,  we were able to see progresss in some areas yet in others progress had stalemated.   In a strange way over these past few days, our family has felt that this place feels like home.  A trip that at first appeared to be stressful has been restful and given us a vision for our future.  It has also given me some time to sit and reflect which was a nice bonus.  Our days here have been spent getting to know our team, being  part of team planning, and seeing the city where we will live.   Today the ladies here gathered to help the three ladies from Tajikistan pick out possible paint colors for the house/apartments we will live in.  I was actually able to see the house they have picked out for us.  All it needs is a contract with the owner, some paint, and maybe a” few” other things.   Of course lunch afterwards was fun as we went to a french bakery in the middle of Kabul.  Who knew?  The team here has an international flair with team members from not only the US but Canada, Switzerland, and Finland.  David thinks maybe he should learn German so he can better understand the swiss kids when they are not talking in English.    Speaking of David, both David and Winter have loved their time here and wish we could move here tomorrow.   They have thrived on getting to know all kids.   Winter has even enjoyed getting to wear her head coverings.   Today Winter and David visited the school they will attend here.   They commented that it seemed a little overwhelming since the past two years they have been homeschooled and in a small school but they are up to the challenge.  Winter was paired with an Afghan girl whose father is a Senator in the parliament here and she was able to meet many of the teachers she will have next year.  David sat in the 4th grade class.  His teacher is actually a member of our team here.  Rumor has it that her class is one of the best. 

Tomorrow morning we leave here to go back to Tajikistan and our language learning but we will go with a better picture of what our future will look like.   For us, March seems a long way away but it is all in God’s timing.  -Teresa


3 thoughts on “Kabul part 2”

  1. Loved reading the update! I’m grateful for answered prayers and a profitable trip.
    Love you guys tons!

  2. I’m so glad the trip was a success. Hopefully it will help to spur you on with language learning (which I can only imagine is very tiresome). Praying for you all 🙂

  3. I know personally that learning a new language is challenging, but stick to it! You’ll get it.

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