Life According to Winter











Some of you have asked about how Winter is doing and what she has been up to.  Moving to a Muslim country as a teenager can be hard but so far Winter is doing well.  She doesn’t mind wearing the head covering when we are out and is doing great at adapting her clothing to what is expected here.  Winter and I are finishing up her 7th grade school year here at home and then she will join David in going to the International School in the fall.   Our days are usually full of school in the mornings.  After lunch Winter will often take a break and watch a TV show on DVD we have borrowed from friends.   If needed, she then finishes up school and does her chore for the day.  Her free time is spent reading, playing outside with the other kids, and working on her doll house she is making from cardboard and other items she finds.  You can often see her dolls dressed appropriately for the region.   Her highlight of the week is going to youth club on Wed. nights.   It is a time for her to get together with other teens both expat and local.  

Last week on Sunday and Monday,  I (Teresa) substituted at the International School for their math teacher who had just had his appendix taken out.  Here are Winter’s thoughts on our first day.  ” I went to ISK with my mom.  She was substituting for the Algebra and Geometry teacher.  I did my school in the back fo the room.  It was scary.   I knew some of the kids in the math class from youth group.  I had fun because I finished school early and had a lot of time to read.  I know the English teacher there and she lets me check out books from her room.  ”

Sometimes since Winter is homeschooled, she gets to be involved with the shopping and even a fun trip to a local restaurant for a meeting.  Here are her thoughts on that.  ” After moving here, I went to a French Cafe called La Pelican.  I had a ham sandwich!!   I did not know we could find ham here.”  Of course we can’t find ham here in the stores but somehow this restaurant has it so it was fun for Winter to have one of her favorite sandwiches.

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