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Noel is in Florida getting training for the King Air.  He will be gone a little over a week.  We miss him but know he is probably having fun in his training and even gets to spend a little bit of time with his family.  We will be looking forward to what he brings back in his suitcase for us.   So far we have had friend over one night and had pizza and games at another friends the next night.

Our shipment has cleared customs but is still waiting to be released.   Teresa and Winter have been working on making  our house feel like ours.  The shipment would help us make some finishing touches but all that will come in time.  For those of you who have prayed for Winter’s planter’s worts.  We think they are gone.  Thank you for your prayers.  A doctor here had some medicine which was an answer to prayer.  Duct tape also works we have found.

Many of you have also prayed for a team member of ours who was in the states getting his gall bladder removed that was cancerous.  He is recovering well and the surgery was a success with no need for any other procedure as far as we know.   His wife is David’s teacher at ISK.  We are excited that she will be back in the classroom on Sunday.   Her husband will stay in the states with their grown children to finish his recovery. 

On another note, it looks like our neighbors behind us will have to move this summer.  They are on our team and have been great to have next door.  Finding a different house has been stressful.  Pray with us for a miracle that their landlord would change his mind and let them stay.  Also pray that if that is not God’s will, that God will give them a house that is a good fit for them.  As long as we are asking, we are also praying that the rent will be cheap and it will not need much fixing up. 

Thank you  for all of you who encourage us through your comments and emails.  You are a blessing to us.

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  1. Thank you for the random thoughts, the little tidbits that help us get a clearer picture of life for you in A. We understand a tiny bit better how to pray.
    We’re happy about the answers to prayer and look forward to seeing how God works out the new opportunities for trust.
    Love you guys TONS!

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