Making Memories

As many of you know, the kids and I are in Iowa visiting my dad.   A couple of weeks ago we found out that my dad’s cancer has spread and could continue to do so quickly.  In God’s providence, we were able to come to Iowa for our spring break plus a couple of extra days attached on at the end.  The focus of our time here has been on making memories.  My sister and her family came for a few days.  We had a hot dog roast back by the creek and the cousins made a fort having lots of fun and getting all muddy.  We had an early surprise birthday party for mom.  It was a little challenging getting her out of the house so we could make the cake and decorate.  I think she might have known something was up but her sister coming was at least a surprise.  Dad has been giving Winter driving lessons in the field.  She is getting better and can even take the car in and out of the garage.  We have played lots of games with Peanuts ( a card game) being the favorite.   David has been trying to become a ping pong master.   We have planted tomato plants and the kids helped paint the chicken house.  Dad even chauffeured mom, me and the kids yesterday to do a little shopping.  It has been a restful, happy time with a few tears but it has been very good.  I hope to post some pictures when we get home.  We will start back Wed. morning and arrive in Kabul on Friday morning.

3 thoughts on “Making Memories”

  1. Good memories, indeed!

    I’ll be Nathan’s driving instructor this summer…so hard to believe our kids are getting that old.

    I’m praying for you, my friends.

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