On Tuesday, two vans full of Pactec families headed toward the French Cultural Center to see the musical “Ragtime”.  Both schools had let out early.  Lunches had been eaten in a hurry.  The vans were full of chatter and anticipation.  It is not like we have events like this very often.

The doors to the theater opened a little late but after getting seated, we were entertained by singing, dancing, and the antics of the actors.  Even two little two year old boys on our team enjoyed the show and sat attentively.   Winter was  a WASP and totally dressed in character.  Here are a few pictures of the show and hopefully soon Noel can post a little clip of the show.

3 thoughts on “Ragtime”

  1. Winter, you look great! It looks like you were having a good time, too! Miss you guys and can hardly wait for summer!
    The Medleys

  2. Winter, you look absolutely beautiful! How sweet to know that your beauty is both inside and out.
    With love,
    Mrs. Caylor

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