Merry Christmas from the Fouts

Merry Christmas.  Our kids are in bed after a full day here.  We woke up and had a fun breakfast before opening a few presents that had come to us from Texas.  It was a lazy day for us reading, working on projects together and having the team over for supper and a movie.  We decided to do take out for supper so we didn’t have to cook.  An bonus to living  in a country where today is just like any other day. 

This Christmas has been different for us in many ways.   The most obvious way is that we are celebrating the season on the other side of the world from most of our family and friends.  We are also celebrating Christmas in a country that is all excited about the New Year but doesn’t recognize the birthday of Jesus.  For our family, this season has been more about family time.   We tried something new this year.  We did a twelve days of Christmas.  Each day from December 12 to today we have either done an activity together or given the kids a small gift.  On December 21st we told stories sent to us by the grandparents in keeping with the tradition of some Central Asians.  Another night we went to a friend’s house and played a game.   David and Noel built a helicopter from a kit and Winter found out that going Christmas caroling could be fun.   Most of all I enjoyed the time with my husband and kids.   Lastly this Christmas has meant more to me on a personal level.  It is like I am hearing the words of the carols for the first time and taking them to heart.   I have also been doing an online study that has helped me look at the characters of the nativity in a new and more in depth way.  The lessons I have learned in my head I hope to put into practice in the next year. 

We thank you all for all your prayers and love that you send our way.  We pray that your hearts are ready for the gifts God has for you this Christmas and you are blessed by His goodness.   We send our love.

Merry Christmas.

The Fouts

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