Our Winter

img_1065I am not speaking of the season but of our daughter Winter Noelle.  Winter turns 13 tomorrow which means we will officially become the parents of a teenage daughter.   The girls from the team plus a classmate of Winter’s  all came to our house last night to enjoy a girl flick, chocolate, and popcorn.  It was a fun night and good to see  Winter enjoying herself.   As we began this journey,  Noel and I realized that this adventure could prove challenging for our preteen daughter.  So far she has taken it all in stride.  One thing has remained consistent.  She wants to live in Afghanistan.  When our language training was changed to Tajikistan, Winter didn’t not like it one bit.  Of course she likes Tajikistan just fine but after our visit to Afghanistan in October, she more than ever wanted to move there.   If you asked her why, she probably would not be able to tell you the real reason.  I believe that God has given my daughter a heart for Afghanistan.   In the meantime,  God is growing her into a young lady who loves God, life and learning new things.  Winter’s favorite activities are  reading and watching movies.   She doesn’t mind walking an extra 10 minutes to get home if it means we can buy popcorn from the vendor on the street.  Her favorite drink is RC but she misses the milk in America.  She has her own sense of style which somes days is Tajik, some days Western but most often her own mix of  the two.  School has been challenging this year but she has been working hard.  She doesn’t even mind having her mom for her math teacher.   We give thanks to God for giving us Winter and the joy she has been in our lives.

 For her birthday, we ask that you will pray for her.  Pray that she will always seek God first in all things.  Pray for her and her parents as we navigate the teen years.  Pray that she will embrace the unique mission that God has for her.

2 thoughts on “Our Winter”

  1. Happy Birthday, Winter! We are so grateful for you, too! We will continue praying for you and your family in your adventures in ministry!
    Love you!

  2. What a beautiful young lady! Nana and I pray for you often, and we know God has special plans for you.



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