A Saturday with Friends and Eyeglasses

We have been blessed here with a great house church where we are able to share and worship together each week.  One of the families and a single lady  in the fellowship are involved in going to different village about once a month to do eye clinics.   Over the past few months they had received many eyeglasses and their collection was becoming very disorganized.  So on Saturday, they had a eye glass sorting party.  Our family came as well as three or four other single ladies.  As soon as we arrived, our kids disappeared to go play with their friends.  Noel and I were quickly assigned a task and set to work.  The glasses were sorted by children’s and adults, by bifocals and single vision and then by prescription.   Most of the tasks were relatively easy which made it easy to socialize as we worked.  They even served us a scrumptious lunch of chicken salad and pumpkin soup.   The tasks were finished by early afternoon and all ready to go for their next clinic which is scheduled for January 12.    Pray for our friend’s clinic on that date that they will be able to give better sight to those they work with both physically and spiritually.   It was a fun day and good to be able to help them out.  A bonus to the whole day was that our kids and their kids were able to have a full day of playing together.


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