The First Week of the New Year

photo-0010We have had a full week.  Noel and I are back at our language studies.  This week we have started learning the geography of Afghanistan as part of our lessons.   So far, we have learned  6 of the 34 provinces.  Winter and David started back to school on Wednesday and enjoyed getting back into their regular routine again.  In addition, our team added two temporary team members this week.  One of our families is expecting a baby any day and the wife’s  parents came in to help them out.  David and Winter have enjoyed getting to know the grandparents and teaching them new games.    Our other excitement is that we got snow.    It was beautiful this morning as we walked to our bus stop.  On a sour note, this afternoon we arrived home to a muddy mess.   The radiator in our room leaked and gave one side of our room and our neighbors below a good spray of muddy water.  We spent the afternoon cleaning up and trying to dry things out.   Our land lady helped us with the cleaning and talking through the situation with our neighbor.   We praise God that we only lost our printer and a few papers.  A few other things are damaged but everything else should dry out.   Ending on a bright note, the New Year has started off well and we are looking forward to the adventures that God has for us this year.

2 thoughts on “The First Week of the New Year”

  1. What a beautiful picture! I hope your wet, muddy stuff dries quickly. Will you be able to purchase a similar printer to meet your needs?
    Love you guys!

  2. Looks like Tennessee. It has been snowing lightly here since Thursday. Grass is not quite covered but roads have been icy. Temps are cold – 8 tomorrow morning. Thermal undies feel really good.
    Keep warm,
    Love you all,
    Mom Fouts

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